Pasture Raised GMO Free 

These aren’t your average grocery store chickens. Pasture raised, moved daily, and fed GMO free feed, these cornish cross broilers are delicious! Never fed antibiotics, or soaked in chlorine like 90% of those grocery store counterparts. Our approach is not only better for our chickens quality of life, it also impacts the way they taste. Better for you + better tasting = Big win. 

Whole birds available today, whole cut-up birds available starting Spring 2021.


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Whole Chicken

Chicken Cut-Ups

Beyond Organic

Our chickens are raised using farming techniques that go beyond the standards required for organic certification.

Humanely Raised

Our chickens are raised in a pasture environment that allows them to thrive.

Pasture Raised

Chickens are meant for pasture, and that’s exactly where you’ll find our chickens.

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Chicken, Beef, Turkey & MOre



Big Spring Cattle Company is a sustainable farm located in Lexington, Virginia boasting mountain views and a 10-acre lake formed by one of Virginia’s largest natural springs, our namesake, Big Spring. Located on our family farm in Lexington, Virginia, we raise the highest quality beef, poultry, and pork around. With our backgrounds in agriculture and logistics, we understand how to bring quality products directly to your home.

We raise rotationally grazed beef cows, pasture raised chicken and turkeys, and forest raised pigs. Our mission is to develop a greater connection between food and the people who eat it through education on sustainable farming, hospitality, and good eating.